Our ambition

To be an essential partner to optimise and secure your supply chain

Our vision

For 40 years Satinox assemblage has evolved with quality and respect for customer requirements at the heart of its approach.
Our vision for the future is the deployment of a secure global supply service.
Our aim: to simplify the supply chain for you in complete confidence.


With its strong history and experience, the company has solid foundations. The structure of its clientele, its acquired know-how, its employees and the loyalty of its partners are all assets that contribute over the years to strengthening its image and reputation.

“Our mission is to capitalise on this foundation by enhancing our service to our customers and our markets.
Strengthen our partnerships, anticipate requirements, invest and prepare for changes to guarantee our responsiveness and performance.
Ensure our sustainability to secure the quality of your supplies”


We constantly strive to add value to our proposistion to simplify supply to our clients

Thanks to our know-how in sourcing and logistics, we now offer products in addition to fasteners such as connectors, seals and related products… We thus enable our customers to centralise their purchases.

The future

We constantly invest in the digitalisation and modernisation of our processes across our entire value chain.

The management affirms its support for French industrialists and for relocation policies. In fact, we are repatriating production initially made in Asia to the national territory whilst maintaining the same cost and quality.

Our values

We pay particular attention to the needs and issues of our customers. Our mission: to respect customer demands: quality, price, deadlines, logistics.

This means professionalism, commitment and flexibility. The management gets involved with and commits to the maintenance of the customer relationship.

  • Customer service
  • Transparency
  • Collaboration

  • Respect

  • Performance

  • Excellency
  • Responsability
  • Attentiveness
  • Proximity
  • Creativity

People and the environment

At the heart of our concerns, people are the main asset of Satinox. Since 2019, we have been committed to a CSR approach which culminated in late 2021 with the publication of our report.

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