The Structural Fasteners Factory control department, expertise and resources…

Trust does not exclude control !

That’s why :

  • For “material” receptions, we systematically check all material batches by beading and tensile testing if necessary,
  • In production, we have so-called “Green Light” checks at each phase of production, then associated with a statement of self-checking of production.

Please note that we systematically keep sample parts for structural parts, as well as all destroyed parts for qualification testing.

Presentation of the service

  • Destructive and non-destructive testing:
    • Tensile and fatigue
    • test metallographyblaboratory

    • Hardness test

  • Control versatility

  • Wide range of means of control

  • Verification of the conformity of the means of measurement according to their use

  • A historical document base for plans and standards